Born in 1964, Emilio García Wehbi is a self-taught interdisciplinary artist. His line of work is set in the intersection of performance languages. Since founding experimental independent group El Periférico de Objetos in 1989, paradigmatic in Argentine theater scene, he has excelled as theater director, régisseur, performer, actor, visual artist and teacher. His stagings, operas, performances, installations and urban interventions have been showcased on the most relevant city stages and festivals in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Perú, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico, United States, Canada, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, France, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Poland, Italy, Sweden, Australia and Japan. His poetics attempts to confront established aesthetic categories, hybridizing disciplines, keep his creations beyond definitions. His formal research always aims to establish a dialectic relationship with the audience, considering it an active part of the work. His formal strategies involve concepts such as the obscene (as what is forced out of the scene), crisis, accident, provocation, instability, the extraordinary (as what is detached from order), memory, death and violence. His stagings aim to become a field for multiple viewpoints to converge.

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